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CRO Tree Services

CRO Tree Services of Des Moines provides remarkable tree removal and tree trimming services for all residents. Get a free estimate today.


Tree Removal

CRO Tree Services uses a variety of methods to remove a tree. We perform tree removal services by analyzing the tree’s size, its location, clearance distance, and safety concerns around the perimeter. We use a combination of methods and devices, from cherry-pickers to cabling and bracing, to ensure the safest and most efficient, economical tree removal service.


Tree Trimming

Tree shaping is necessary for optimal tree health. We know that even trees that don’t need trimming will benefit from periodic shaping to protect their strength and promote growth. Our tree shaping services include eliminating deadwood, removing crossing branches, and removing undesirable growth.


Landscaping Services

Not gifted with garden tools? CRO Tree Services is your best bet to get lush, lovely grounds year round. Hire us to create and maintain a beautiful yard that complements your home and blends into its native setting. We cover everything from soil, grasses and plants to decks, walkways and patios.


Eco Friendly Practices


Residential and Commercial


Always Dedicated To Safety

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Whether a tree is blocking your view or hanging over your home precariously? No matter its placement on your property, we can remove any unwanted tree. Tree removals are usually performed to eliminate dead or dying trees that have the potential of becoming hazardous. Tree removal can also be performed in order to have adequate space for other plants, like flowerbeds, so they can soak up the sun. Whatever reason you have for removing your trees, we’re not here to judge; we’re here to offer you superior tree removal service.

With our residential and tree trimming services we can make you the talk of the neighborhood. With our professional tree trimming services, your yard or landscape will give your home curb appeal. Tree trimming can help remove weak, damaged or overgrown branches. We can dissect your tree’s limbs and find the branches that once removed, will help your tree grow fuller. Our skilled technicians understand the pruning process and can remove limbs and boughs that only clutter your tree and not support it.

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Client Testimonials

“Cro Outdoor Services did a fantastic job with trimming and cutting down bushes and trees. They demonstrated expert knowledge and were able to make excellent recommendations. Their crew did an excellent job of clean up as well. Great value for a job well done.”

Jack Hackett

“Bojan and his crew removed 2 large walnut trees from our yard this last spring. One of the trees was within 15 feet from our house. They kept our house safe, with absolutely no damage. We were impressed by how clean they left our yard and how quickly they finished the job. We highly recommend Cro Outdoor Services. They are also competitively priced. It is so wonderful to mow now and not have to clean up walnut tree debris.”

Karen S

“Bojan and Trent did a great job assisting an arborist in need of help taking down our large willow tree in the corner of our property w/o having to take out the chainlink fence or disturbing our neighbors property. Bojan is a highly skilled climber and tree trimmer. We were impressed with his skill and dedication to a job well done. We would recommend CRO Outdoor Services for tree work large or small.”

Nicholas G

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